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All SCCA 2021 Class Runoffs

2021 SCCA National Championship Runoffs Races | Indianapolis Motor Speedway (All  Races)


Highlighted Point of View Races

SCCA GT2 2021 Indy Runoffs - Very wet 4 laps

First two laps after green and the restart of the SCCA GT2 Runoffs Race at Indy...  It was wet... maybe a little too wet. - Andrew Aquilante


Corvette C7 GT2 2021 Pocono Wet vs Dry laps

A couple laps from each of the SCCA Majors races at Pocono.  Saturdays race was dry (the oval was spotty wet, but effectively dry) and Sundays race was raining. Both days were about 45*F so track conditions were a bit tricky. - Andrew Aquilante


2021 SCCA Sebring Qual- T1 Corvette C5

How to wheel a 370 rwhp Corvette C5 without aero into the 16's around Sebring. - Andrew Aquilante


Phoenix Performance

Corvette C5 Touring 2

Sebring 1/19/2021- Kurt Rezzetano

On board the #137  Phoenix Performance Touring2 C5 Corvette.  5th to 1st and all the traffic in between made for some good video. The bumps of Sebring kept knocking out my ABS, watch closely in Bishops bend as I reset the ABS on occasion... Kudos to Joe Boden for saving us from a huge crash when he did a half spin in turn 17. - Kurt Rezzatano


Phoenix Performance

Corvette C8

NJMP Thunderbolt 11/15/2020 “Fast Laps”

Back at NJMP Thunderbolt after some changes and adjustments.

Fast lap of 1:23.4 on Hoosier A7 Tires.

What we've done so far: - Alignment - Ride heights - Corner balance - Endlinks - Wheels/Tires - AIM Data/Smartycam hooked to the CAN. (and a better microphone is in order...) - Andrew Aquilante


Phoenix Performance

Corvette C8

NJMP Thunderbolt 11/1/2020

First day on track with the Phoenix Performance Corvette C8 at NJMP Thunderbolt.   

The car is a 1LT Z51, with the following changes from as-delivered:  Alignment/ride height, Hoosier A7 tires, High wing.  Please excuse some of the data on the lower left. The AIM data recording is a work in progress. - Andrew Aquilante


Phoenix Performance

SCCA Hoosier Super Tour Sunday T1 Sebring

Andrew Aquilante 36 T1

First few laps from the 2018 Sebring Super Tour Sunday race.  Once past the Viper there was not much else to see. Went on to win the race. - Andrew Aquilante


Phoenix Performance at SCCA Runoffs - 2017

Andrew Aquilante of Phoenix Performance out brakes the competition with Hawk Performance during the SCCA Runoffs and wins T1 and GT2! - Hawk Performance


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