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SKF Racing X-Tracker Wheel Hubs
X-Tracker hub unit: Performance-engineered for race-car cornering and stability
Race car and high-performance vehicle owners demand exceptional wheel end performance, cornering and stability. The SKF X-tracker delivers all of it and more. The X-tracker is currently used in a number of high-volume, high-performance luxury vehicles.

The X-tracker features a double row angular contact ball bearing arrangement in which the outboard row has a larger diameter and contains more balls than the inboard row. This unique, asymmetrical design increases the bearing load carrying capacity and operational life, while significantly improving camber stiffness compared to traditional symmetrical hub units.

Improving camber stiffness allows the brake rotor to tilt less during vehicle cornering, which in turn reduces brake caliper piston knock back, allowing the driver to brake later, and reducing lap times on the track. The small inner ring is retained with orbital forming, which means the bearing will stay in preload under heavier loading, providing a longer service life.

- Non-Symmetrical rows with more bolts at a higher diameter on outboard side
- Higher load carrying capacity and hub flange strength
- Low flange lateral run-out for truer running of rotors
- Black oxide coating for improved corrosion resistance
- Efficient sealing
- Integrated speed sensor
- Bearing is self retained by orbital forming

$390 ea
black oxide coating
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Penske Custom Built Shocks
Penske Custom Built Shocks Shock-001
Custom built Penske shocks for sale available for: Mustang, C5, C6, & C7 Corvettes 6th gen Camaro Contact us for details and specs.
for sale
Joe Aquilante

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